Architecture was [is?] a big part of my life and is what helped me get a foot in the door of game development.  The experience in architecture, I was told,  translates pretty well into my new field, in terms of techniques/skill-sets as well as work practices.

Anyway, I just thought I would kick off one of the sections of this blog with a sample of work from my architecture portfolio.


Although my blog is intended as a portfolio of work I will be developing, it will also serve as a place for thoughts and observations that I will pick up in my studying of game development and of the industry in general.  Many of the “thought” topics are likely to come from the unique perspective that I can provide due to my past experience as an architect as well as being the father of the next additions to the gaming community, my son and daughter.

Architecture [the design of buildings, not information technology] has an interesting relationship to game design.  Similarities abound from the obvious level design, to even the design process and industry structure.

Being a father, is an incredible experience.  Having a 3 year old son and 8 month old daughter passing through the same important cognitive development stages I am learning about in class brings a whole new dimension to both parenting and understanding games & why we play the way we play.

Its all new territory for me and I hope to bring everyone on for the ride.  So please enjoy the “thoughts” section if you want to go further than straight forward gaming.


Today is the start of a fresh beginning.

I have said goodbye to a 10 year career in architecture.  Its almost exactly 10 years since I graduated in 2002 from Architecture school, an almost appropriate number.

A new journey lays before me. A new hope. New experience. New friends.   I have taken a step into the video game industry.

This blog will be a record of that journey.

I’ve pressed life’s reset button and down the rabbit hole we go…