Platformer Office Building?

I was just browsing through some of my old work when I came across this, one of my old office building designs.  What struck me was how video-gamey it looks, for lack of a better term.  I just wonder how much of my work was actually subconsciously influenced by my love of games.  I look at this and I think “platformer” because to me it looks like those indentations are part of some abstract looking level design.  For those of you that are not gamers or in the game development industry, a platformer would be games like Super Mario Brothers, where you jump, and climb on well…platforms.  Even the pattern of fritted glass seems game-ish.  It almost looks like I took a platformer level and wrapped it around a building.  Perhaps some of you have thoughts on this?  Feel free to comment below.

Ironically, this project that I had developed for two years before it was cancelled, would indirectly lead to me leaving architecture and entering game design.  For more on that and more images see this project’s main page.

CU3E | Final Title Animation

I’m done with the Title Screen / Main Menu.   Click on the image above or this link to see it in action.  It now has the final textures.  It works by hovering the mouse over the 3 [B] making it pulse.  Clicking it would then start the animation ending with the folded box and a clickable main menu with start, controls, and exit buttons.  I’ve also gotten the start button to… well… start the game. Enjoy and please leave your comments below!

CU3E | Main Menu Animation


Just a small update.  I have a first draft of the title screen animation for my game CU3E. To see it in action click on the image above or on this youtube link!

Its still work in progress, but I’ve gotten the actual animation an camera work out of the way.  All thats left now is lighting, the actual letter textures, and turning them into menu buttons for [start], [options], and [exit].  Hope you like it and please comment below!

CU3E | Pixel Stealth


Thought I’d post up some images of CU3E.   These basically show some of the features that I’ve been able to code into the prototype.  These first 3 images show CU3E going into stealth mode.  CU3E is made up of a 3x3x3 cube so 27 minicubes in total.  I just wanted to embrace the prototype look of all games at this stage which basically just use the standard shapes available in the editor.  I thought of these poor shapes as having character and personality so I wanted to express that in a way that [a] does not require much effort and [b] stays true to the basic prototype look.  It also gives the impression of a pixel world.


First images show CU3E in his normal state, then cloaking, then completely cloaked.  I’ve got more on the expanded page here including shots on the x-ray vision I scripted as well as a “last known position” script just like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell.  Please feel free to comment!

Fort Z | Update 4: Mondrian to Mignola

From Mondrian to Mike Mignola.  Check out the next update, number 4, on what led to the final inspiration of the buildings’ room interiors!

Fort Z | Update 3: Style Revisited

A few weeks ago we had to revisit our art style.  It was rightly pointed out to us that what we originally had in mind was too ambitious.  Read more on how the new grey-scale approach would solve our time problems and ultimately inspire us towards a perfect look. Fort Z | Update 3