A Girl and Her Dog

Its been a long while since I’ve posted.  So there’s going to be a lot coming up in the next few days starting with the last couple of Rapid Prototyping projects from last tri.  A Girl and Her dog was yet another exercise in a unique combination of constraints.  This time around we had to create a game whose target audience was girls yet appealing to children of both sexes, had only 4 3D assetts, and be tablet compatible.

We ultimately went with a classic old school platformer.  Below are some snapshots of the level progression we put together.  Its all greybox of course, before we put our final art assets on them.


Basically, you play as a little girl who finds a dog that shows a new player how to perform the basics of 2D platforming games.  You follow the dog out the schoolyard, into a day dream like world, then back home to your house.


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