Minions Title Screen

Our final Rapid Prototyping assignment resulted in Minions!  Once again it was Nick Phipps, Ben Herron, and myself.  These rapid prototyping assignments are largely problem solving excercies.  Basically, “Do what you can within these constraints.” This time around these were the constraints for this project:

  • Minimum of 3 mini-games
  • A mini-game can be short (even 1 minuet) but must have high replay value
  • Documented research into a minimum of 3 ‘party-games’
  • Documented USP (Unique Selling Point) of either the game as a whole, or each mini-game
  • One application (only one client)
  • Minimum of 2 players at the same time for all mini-games
  • Short fun game with high replay value
  • Non-serious subject matter with broad appeal

Minions Main Menu

What are group had done was basically made an additional constraint on ourselves which would meet the requirement that there be a USP to the game.  That self-imposed requirement was that the minigames we would each design had to be co-op.  The result was 3 minigames, inspired by the minions of Despicable Me.  The 3 minigames would all contribute to the overall score which would in turn affect how far their evil rocket would launch across the city.   The 3 games were: the hacking of a microwave chip, the acquisition of radioactive isotopes for fuel, and the tossing of an engine into its proper place within the rocket.

Hacking a

Minions Instructions A

Minions minigame A

Minions Instructions B

Minions Game B

Minions Instructions CMinions Game C

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