The Late Show | RLD | Module Identification

After figuring out some of the main ingredients for the level design, particularly for geometry, I needed to see how those translated into the “LEGO” pieces we planned on having to build our greyboxes.

Most importantly, those previously mentioned 3 street sizes, would combine into various intersection types.  Intersection types are what will eventually drive the difficulty for the player.  In the simplest of terms, the bigger the intersection, the harder it is for cameras to cover it, the harder it is for players to see what those contestant AIs are doing.  So intersection identification came first.

Module Identification

Above, you can see that in Unity, I crossed every street type against each other and the results are seen in orange and green.  Orange intersections are X intersections, while T intersections are green.  There are 6 of each.

Before providing values for these various intersection types, I went and built the pieces themselves in 3DS Max and attached placeholder textures.  This would be all linked via our pipeline into Unity so that any changes the RLD required, could be carried out in Max then updated automatically back in Unity.

Modules Textured

Above, you can see module identification level now textured.  Below is a closer view.  Above on the right is the same level changing due to us realizing, thanks to the RLD, that our largest street as way too wide.  It skewed our  valuing of the intersections.  A new street width ratio was adopted 4:2:1 instead of the old 6:2:1.

Modules Textured 2

On to valuing the intersections in the next post.  Do check back if hasn’t gone up yet.

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