252 Towers

mubarak A01- List-Schedule-Analysis

252 was typical of a project I would do as an architect.  It would start with an analysis of the site in comparison to the building code as well as the client’s needs, conceptual designs, 3D renderings, and presentation layouts.  We can only build so much up to such and such height, before we can continue having only certain types of functions after said height.  A site would be zoned for a general urban function within which the client would say “I want to have,” such as in this case, “a mixed-use office and residential tower.

mubarak A02- Mass Plan

Anyway without boring you with the full process, we simply got on with building within the 3 general constraints of client, code, and context: the 3 C’s if you will in this approach of architecture design.

Along the way we not only design the form of the building but we also suggested additional functions such as the health club, half way up the building.  The health club, which is indoor within the larger tower and outdoor on the roof of the smaller one, served two purposes.  First, it obviously added value to the property, giving both residents and office employees a place to unwind.  Second, it helped create a buffer between the private residential and the more public offices floors.

mubarak A03- Basement Plan

One of the things I enjoyed working on these presentation boards, was looking for creative ways to breakdown and explain the organization of the building spaces for client consumption.  Most of the time, done well enough, the design itself will do most of that work for you, and you need to help it along slightly, as in below.

Its clear the building is divided into two parts with one side containing all vertical circulation.  Its just up to me to take it a step further and say what every sub-space is.

Even back when working on these and other boards, I noticed the influence of gaming HUDs.  With HUDs its so important to pack in as much information with as little impact as possible on everything else you are seeing.  Its the same here.

mubarak A04- Ground Floor Plan

These are all images of the layout as you slice through the building as you go up.

mubarak A05- 1st Floor Offices [podium] mubarak A06- 2nd Floor Offices [podium] mubarak A07- 3rd Floor Offices [garden] mubarak A08- 4th Floor Offices[typical] mubarak A09- 6th Floor Offices [mech] mubarak A10- Health Club

Some numbers are introduced off to the side to compliment the apartments on the inside.  A little gradient scale fill extending from the building to the HUD brackets to the side help make the connection between the numbers and their respective spaces.

mubarak A11- Typical Apt Floor Plan mubarak A14- Section

Similar thing is is done in the section.  The role of the health club as a buffer is clear here and is emphasized.

mubarak A15- Elevations mubarak A16- Perspectives low res

My designs tend to have clean minimalist looks.  I also like to have one feature that is exhagerated and characterizes the building.  This building funnily enough is inspired by ice cream sandwiches: Two thick walls on either end and a band of grills going all the way up one side, over the roof and down the back.

mubarak A16- Perspectives

mubarak A17- Perspectives mubarak A18- Perspectives

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