The Cellar


I had an absolute great time working on this in-class project.  Our instructor Matt Bell, whose experience includes being a Technical Artist for Ubisoft games such as Assassin’s Creed, was gracious enough to share his knowledge and techniques.  These are some screenshots of a cellar I had modelled.  Everything was modelled from scratch within 3DS Max before being imported into Unity.  Walls, columns, and floors were all created modularly.  Textures, including normal maps for the stone and cloth were created in Photoshop then imported into multi-materials within 3DS Max.


Complimentary color composition was established, using warm colors for inner lighting and cooler colors for the god rays and fog.


Light sources were placed to accentuate/ highlight forms as well as to create interesting shadows.  These all help contribute to the overall mood of the space when walking through it.


Slapped together a location of interest using the library of models I had created.  A table and a flag with a symbol on it with some extra lights will do the job.


The particle effects and the texture animation of the god rays are little things that help bring life to environments, which are essentially static.  Also highlighting little details like this grate may spark some imagination in someone passing by.  Perhaps something’s down there?


A couple of screenshots behind the scenes.


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