The HyDRA | Conception

The HyDRA started as an off-shoot of the IRIS.  While iterating the IRIS design, I cannibalized some objects from it and got working on a unique idea.  The idea is that HyDRA is a type of F.O.B. or Forward Operation Base in military terms.  Its meant to be deployed secretly deep behind enemy lines.  What it does is carry a small wing of fighters, 3 to be exact, hence the name.

I typically use visual allegories in my concepts taking a lot of inspiration from mythology, word play itself to influence the design.  I start off doing some very rough sketches just to get my head around what I’m trying to do almost immediately start to work in both 2D [plans and sections] as well as 3D [volumetric models].  I’ve found from my time as an architect that doing just one then moving to the other does not give you a full understanding of what you are designing.  I typically start doing this in AutoCAD which is where the images below are from, before moving into 3DsMax for lighting and materials.


The Hydra is mythological Greek beast that had 3 heads.  The heads would regenerate if they were cut off unless the head *ahem* head was removed.  Anyway, I felt it was an appropriate analogy for something as aggressive as a secret FOB placed behind enemy lines to harass enemy assets.

Below is some of the word play I did, which helps me reinforce the concept in my head and inspire me to find solutions for, yes 3D problems.  What eventually happened, and you will see in subsequent updates, is that many design decisions were done in order to keep in line with this “power of 3” concept that came out of the word play. ex. 3 turrets, 6 missile mounts, 3 equidistant bridge chairs, etc.


So what can the HyDRA system do?

Theres a docking ring for 3 spec-ops star fighters. [ the orange boxes are place holders for the eventual fighter models ]


It provides jump capabilities for fighters [which by sci-fi convention cannot due to their size ] when they’re docked.


There are common facilities in the central capsule for those long term, deep space waiting periods including : food storage, bunks, fuel for the fighters.

Limited armor shell protection to protect the docked fighters.


Shield generators within the shells for added protection.

3 gun hardpoints which have full hemispherical arcs.

A common cockpit for all 3 fighter pilots during long term voyages.


3 x 3 Vector thrusters for limited manuevarability.


I’ll be posting a follow up soon on how HyDRA has progressed.

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