The HyDRA | The Djinn Stealth Bomber

A little update on my little hobby project, the Djinn stealth bomber.  Still WIP of course and I get to work a little on it every now and then.  This was some stuff I had done over the trimester break.  You can see some throwbacks to the A117 stealth bomber as well as the Apache.  Lots of straight edges and angles.  I finally settled on this wing layout after the many iterations shown in the previous post.


Got some detail beginning to get in there. Hydrogen intakes, gun muzzles up front, and vector thruster nozzles.  I’ve also started work on the vertical section to give an idea how things will work on the inside.


A basic color pallette is beginning to form.  A couple of shades of grey in line with traditional stealth colors, but with a hint of orange located on the fins to make it look a little dangerous.  Like the HyDRA, I still need to take these models into a high poly, then either just paint over in photoshop or even make a texture pass on the model itself.

Djinn_Iterations_04 Djinn_Iterations_05

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