The IRIS | 2nd Iteration


A couple of weeks ago I got cracking on a second iteration of the IRIS.  Some suggestions and critiques on the Star Citizen forum encouraged me to build a military model of the IRIS.  There was always something interesting about peeling away that surface to partially reveal the engine shaft so that where I took it.


The result is a more aggressive look befitting a military vessel.  In the images below you get a clearer view of the turret hardpoints I’ve added.  Four have been placed on what can be best described as wings.  The magnetic rings have now been replaced by Star Citizen standard vector thrusters.  A conventional number of 8 have been placed to provide full directional control.


Below is a front view which can now be compared to that of the civilian model shown in the IRIS | Conception page.

Again you can see a more aggressive silhouette.


You can also start to see missile 12 hardpoints [ 3 x 4 ] that add to the military theme.  A closer look can be seen below.


Finally, here is another video giving a tour of the ship and more views than can be shown in the 5 screen shots above.

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