The IRIS | Conception

The IRIS is a ship concept I’ve used to work on in my spare time.  I dusted it off and have gotten back on to working on it.  The basic idea is simple: a large ship that resides within a large jet engine.

I’m taking some aspects of actual jet engine design and mashing it with solar sails so the blades on the turbine are actually rotated by solar particles in much the same way solar sails are pushed [in theory at least].  Don’t start picking it apart scientifically, I’m not designing for NASA here, just for fun [and maybe certain space-sim forums].


The bridge resides within the “nose” of the turbine axis.  The scale can be seen below.  So we’re talking about a bridge that fits a full compliment of comm, navigation officers, as well as a captain.  The nose has been “sawed off” to allow for a full hemispherical forward view.  Graphical screen overlays [much like in Mass Effect’s Normandy] can be seen floating off infront of the bridge taking advantage of the full view such as when looking below.  Capping off the bridge, where the tip of the nose would be, is where the sensor array is located.


The section below shows how the functions are spread within this form.  A slice of that outer hull is made into a habitat ring.  Its rotation creates artificial gravity through centrifugal force.  You can also see how the particles are ignited within to accelerate within the restricted space and cause propulsion much like in conventional jet design with fuel and air.  The central axis contains all major functions, like science rooms, med bays, armory, engineering etc.


The next two images show the inspiration for the name and concept.  The second one being an overlay with the wireframe.



The image I researched online that inspired the above.


Belwo you can see the habitat ring and what at this point are electro-magnetic rings used to control ship orientation by manipulating the EM field around the ship.  As I iterate the design I’m thinking of changing those to conventional thruster nozzles, docking clamps, and turrets.


A wireframe below.  You can begin to see here that I actually modelled everything inside as well, including the ignition cavity.


Below is a screenshot of the customized viewports made for this project.


This is a split isometric of the ship.  I’ve taken it apart and labelled the sections and parts on photoshop.


Finally a video I slapped together showing the ship rotated, explained, and picked apart.

I do plan on evolving and iterating the design.  I have a couple of different iterations in mind both of which lead away from the jet engine form slightly.

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