Windtower Villa

This is an old one from when I first moved to Dubai.  One of my obsessions is trying to modernize traditional motifs and nothing is more iconic in the UAE than the wind towers of their old traditional homes.  This was my first take on modernizing the modern courtyard/windtower homes.  You can see the tower in black within the picture below.

sultan villa A16- Perspective

beach villa 4

One of the first things you learn when you come to the UAE is how their culture impacts architecture.  Private and public areas are separated more acutely.  In the ground floor plan above the large public majlis is located in the volume to the left and is connected by a long corridor to the more private volume on the right.

I had a lot of fun with that plan and the rendering of the plan in particular.  I wanted to emphasize the composition by using strong dark slates for the corridor as well as accentuate locations of interest with bright colors.

beach villa 3

Above is a simple conceptual breakdown of what is happening in the design.  Rooms were layed out to not block each other and all provide views to the sea.  While the overall ground floor was C-shaped, the first floor is L-shaped for the same purpose.  First floor circulation is clearly defined and finally the concept of a continuous band of water is shown.

The band starts as a small water feature near the entrance then transitions to the fountain inside the majlis, an old arabic practice to cool houses  in the past.  Continuing that band is the pool which appears to be fed by a waterfall from a smaller pool in a terrace above.  That smaller pool is an edgeless pool which drops water from both sides.

beach villa 1

One of my favorite boards was the one below.  What some call a sective [a cross between a section and a perspective ], its advantage is that it transmits a lot of information.  Not only to you get an idea of the spacial relationships vertically but its relation to the rest of design.

beach villa 2

sultan villa A10- Elevations

sultan villa A09- Elevationssultan villa A11- Perspective

2 thoughts on “Windtower Villa

    1. A little over 3 stories in total if you include the ground floor and first floor. It would be around 4.5 to 5m above the bedroom on that 1st floor in order to have enough clearance to start picking up some wind. If it ended up being ornamental, then whatever height that is in good proportion to the rest of the building.

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