Office Building

I was just browsing through some of my old work when I came across this, one of my old office building designs.  What struck me was how video-gamey it looks, for lack of a better term.  I just wonder how much of my work was actually subconsciously influenced by my love of games.  I look at this and I think “platformer” because to me it looks like those indentations are part of some abstract looking level design.  For those of you that are not gamers or in the game development industry, a platformer would be games like Super Mario Brothers, where you jump, and climb on well…platforms.  Even the pattern of fritted glass seems game-ish.  It almost looks like I took a platformer level and wrapped it around a building.

The story behind this building is that it almost went up.  Development went on for two years.  They even had a launch party for investors and I’m proud to say half the properties had sold out in one day.  It had actually reached a point where they broke ground and the foundations were about to go up.  Then the economic crisis of 2008 hit and the client unfortunately backed away.  It was also about the time I had finally gotten fed up with that industry, but as jobs were now scarce I bit the bullet  until my chance came along to transition into game design.

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