Reef Residential

Its disappointing looking back on this one.  Along with the Business Towers I posted earlier,  this one also broke ground, the first step in constructing the building.  The crisis hit and suddenly the project was canned.  It may still go up one day though.

Anyway, what I’ve put up are the earlier renders, the ones I felt best conveyed the concept, as well as the color coded design breakdown.

reef residential A05-Typical Tower Plan

The project was basically designed to respond to, or even accentuate, the master development’s guidelines for the building envelope.  The recessed retail on the ground floor, the podium height, and the curved balcony “swoosh” line are all results of that.

The envelope also constrained me to have basically an L-shaped building, but I wanted to articulate it further by breaking it down into its two main parts.  The result is the illusion that they are two objects: a free-standing tower and a floating horizontal object penetrating it.  The recess of the edgeless pool also helps articulate this.

reef residential A02-Typical Ground Floor Plan

Above you can also see external evidence of the internal modular design of the structural columns and rooms.

Below are further features of the design highlighted in a way that the client was able to see them and understand right away before going into a little more detail in the text below each image.

reef residential A03-Typical Podium Plan

The images are blown up below.

RR_concept_01 RR_concept_02 RR_concept_03 RR_concept_04 RR_concept_05

A view of the front and main entrance.

reef residential A01-Typical Basement Plan

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