CU3E | Pixel Stealth

Thought I’d post up some images of CU3E.   These basically show some of the features that I’ve been able to code into the prototype.  These first 3 images show CU3E going into stealth mode.  CU3E is made up of a 3x3x3 cube so 27 minicubes in total.  I just wanted to embrace the prototype look of all games at this stage which basically just use the standard shapes available in the editor.  I thought of these poor shapes as having character and personality so I wanted to express that in a way that [a] does not require much effort and [b] stays true to the basic prototype look.  It also gives the impression of a pixel world.


First images show CU3E in his normal state, then cloaking, then completely cloaked.

Another feature I got working was the see-through vision.  As with the cloaking, Deus Ex Human Revolution is the influence.  You can see that the enemies positions are highlighted even when they are behind the walls.  I’ve also darkened the lighting to increase the contrast and make it obvious what view mode you are in.

Its become something of a tribute/parody to stealth games.  I’ve also added a last known position script just like in Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction.  What basically happens is that if the enemy AI is engaged with the player then loses sight of him, whether its because player has left the enemy’s line of sight or has cloaked, a ghost-like image of our hero CU3E is left at the last known position.  The enemy will then go to that spot to look for the player.  If he doesn’t find him after a cool-down period he then returns to his assigned patrol route.  This has all been successfully scripted.  Its incredibly gratifying to be able to imitate games or games features that you love.

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