Outpost Mars | Design Process: Part 3

This isnt so much an update as it is a retro-update of Outpost Mars.  So today I’m picking up where I left off in Part 2 with some early greyboxing of the level.  In the image above you can start to see the application of the molecular design theory to the layout.  While it appears to be a literal interpretation of the molecule designs, the layout is later broken up in the development process within each room.  The image clearly shows the 3 tiers of intensity, from the spawn rooms to the first contact rooms to the major arena in the center.

Below is the secondary world interpretation of the layout.  I had a different idea at first of what would suit such a layout and that was a sci-fi ludus, or gladiator arena plus school and barracks.  As the design process continued it evolved into a seedy space port, similar to Star Wars’ Mos Eisely.

The image below shows how the intended intensity is designed to increase with each progressive room type.  The size of the rooms are increased to accommodate the higher population of players without sacrificing intensity.

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