Welcome to The “Late” Show! | Concept

Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to The Late Show!  We have started our final project and we’re well on our way.  I have the privilege of working with Ben Herron and Nick Phipps yet again and this time for a game we must publish by the end of the course.

So what is The Late Show?  The short version: Imagine  Running Man [or The Hunger Games for those who weren’t lucky enough to  a kid in the 80’s] meets Late Night Talk Shows meets zombies.

You play as the diabolical director of a late night variety talk show where contestants, your enemies, are sent into a cordoned-off neighbourhood of this last standing post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden city, and you must manipulate them, hurt them, kill them, and sometimes even help them, all while capturing these events on your cameras.  I’ve painted some concept art to help communicate the idea and elements.  They are rather hastily done, so they are not as finished as I would have liked them to be if we had a longer dev period.


Every night, you are given a bunch of tools:

  • the previous mentioned cameras
  • billboards with ads to help increase ratings which in turn translate into more production budget
  • roadblocks to shepherd the contestants
  • and medkits, firearms, and safe-houses, to help them out when they are down which give the crowd a thrill.

You need to kill off the contestants, and you need to do so before dawn or they win.  If that happens you take the biggest hit to your production budget.  On the other hand a master director will not kill them off right away, but milk their lives for all they are worth and receive more ratings before the big pay-off near the end.  Below is a crude 2D vertical slice of the game.  In it you can see the cameras and their sight radius in red, zombies in green, and contestants in orange.

04 What is the Late Show

Theres a lot more to share, but I will leave that for another post.  In the meantime, I will say that the pitch was positively received and that we have gotten the go ahed to work on this.  If you are interested in the idea, please like and follow our facebook page!

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