Fort Z

Fort Z [one of many working titles] is essentially a game that embodies an aspect of zombie fiction barely touched upon in gaming: the survivors’ makeshift homes and the struggles related to maintaining them in a hostile world.

With this project, I have the opportunity to work with two more talented students: Nick Phipps  and Hadeel Miqdadi.  The brief required us to design and develop a game from scratch.  As an exercise in authorship we had to embody a secondary world design in a playable game concept which was coherent from an authorship perspective.  It is still work in progress and I will continue to update this section.  Links will unlock as the pages are finished.

Our pitch will provide a brief introduction of the game’s pillars:

The Pitch 1/2

The Pitch 2/2

Updates will will show progress on the design process:

Update 1 | The Power of 3

Update 2 | Level Progression

Update 3 | Art Style Revisted

Update 4 | From Mondrian to Mignola

To play Fort Z on your web browser please cick on this link : Fort Z Game

One thought on “Fort Z

  1. The game is a bit buggy but it is Fun to play, but there isn’t much Unique things in the game that Differentiates it from other 2D Zombie Survival games.

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