Fort Z | The Pitch 1/2

The Pitch

Zombie Tower[working title] is a genre bashing of base management, FPS gathering, and tower defence.  Inspired by zombie fiction, particularly the excellent audio show by the same name, you lead a group of people to survive a siege on the barricaded building they now call home.  It is played in a 2D side scrolling space.

The three pillars of the game can be summarized as follows:

A-Base Management

  • You must convert rooms into one of types: living quarters, a garden, storage, and an armory.
  • Each of these rooms has a single function: provide capacity to harbour more survivors, grow food to keep survivors alive, store salvage that builds rooms and barricades the building, and arm survivors respectively.
  • Rooms are built by salvage and destroyed by zombies.

B-Resource Gathering

  • Survivors can be sent outside the comfort and safety of the building to gather more salvage.
  • They can be killed be incoming waves of zombies and bandits.

C-Tower Defence

  • This is essentially tower defence on a vertical plane.  Imagine cutting through a building vertically as in Tiny Tower or, one of our primary inspirations, XCOM: Enemy Unkown.
  • Instead of towers placed on a horizontal plane in front of a base, our “towers” are survivors assigned to man barricaded emplacements on windows, balconies, and stair wells.


There will be 3 different type of win conditions depending on the level:

  • Harbor a certain number of survivors.
  • Reach a certain number of resources.
  • Survive a certain amount of time.

Only basic elements of each genre have been adopted in order to match the secondary world fiction as well as remain a simple easy to learn iOS game.


Influences + Inspiration

Zombie Tower could be described as an XCOM base in a Deadlight environment with RTS gathering and defence.

One of the inspirations for Zombie Tower have been the classic [and up and coming remake of] XCOM’s base management.  We loved how the latest XCOM takes it a step further and turns it into a living diorama showing the life inside.  Besides the simplistic room management we would adopt, we also would use this aspect to contrast with the “dead” and desolate environment outside the building.

Evil Genius was another classic 90’s base management game.  Part packaging problem [see Koster’s Karps 21] part Tower Defence before its time.  The tower defence aspect was actually the placement of traps throughout the base to capture or kill the secret agents.

Tiny Tower’s camera system was also adopted.

Deadlight, Shadow Complex, and LIMBO  have been great examples of 2D side scrolling with silhouettes as the foreground plane.  This would require relatively minimal effort due to not requiring to texture those assets.  Deadlight in particular was a zombie themed game as well and the 2.5D  feel as well as the desaturated environments influenced us early on, before the 2.5D was eventually dropped.

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