Fort Z | The Pitch 2/2

The following boards are a breakdown of the 3 pillars mentioned in The Pitch 1/2.  Intending the game to adopt the simple elements from the genre’s of base management, RTS, and Tower Defense, we started with 3 basic room types, 3 unit types, and 3 resource types.

The 3 Room Types:

Each would have one simple function:

Living Quarters | Take in survivors from the outside and hold your population. Each  LQ would have a capacity.

Storage | Holds salvage that your survivors gather.  Each Store would have a capacity.

Gardens | Can only be converted to on rooftops and make food that keeps survivors alive.  The garden has a production rate.

The 3 Unit Types:

Each have a simple function:

Zombies | Kill Survivors

Bandits | Steal Salvage

Survivors | Gather Resources

The 3 Resource Types:

Food | Keeps you survivors alive maintaining your population.

Salvage | Builds rooms and barricades.

Survivors | Although technically a  unit, they are also a human resource which is “gathered” by protecting survivor waves coming in and assigning them to work rooms and maintain barricades.

The Desirables:

What we would have loved to have in it as well. And how we approached desirables.  My favorite desirable is the prison in the in basement.  I would have liked to have a basement that could be converted into this room that kept bandits.  The idea was that bandits would not be killed by your survivors if you chose not to.  If you had bandits you could choose to interrogate them by clicking on the chair and you could choose to convert them to a survivor or have them a reveal [read spawn] “hidden” salvage on the map.

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