Fort Z | Update 4: Mondrian to Mignola

On the last update, I mentioned how the new environment art direction would eventually inspire us to define a final art style overall.  We had always had an idea of how the internal rooms were going to be…basically XCOM in an everyday building.  The colorful living interiors were and still are how we want to go.  But it is the dead, almost surreal exteriors that presented a contrast we thought we should emphasize.  So we now saw the interior rooms as being colorful.  On top of that, the environments were beginning to look almost comic book like in their simple shading.  I had a Hellboy graphic novel on my desk and couldnt but help see the similarities.  The final connection however, was Mike Mignola’s brilliant page layouts.  They are not only colorful with great color theory, but are beautifully composed.  There is a hierarchy in every page and every panel shows [a] precisely what it should in, in [b] the size that it has, [c] within the context of that page’s part of the story.  They remind me of Mondrian’s paintings, which I was introduced to back in Architecture school, also as prime examples of composition.  Most importantly, they also remind of a section of a building and an inventory packaging problem…which was the idea of the rooms in the first place!

So thats our final approach for the rooms:

  1.  Colorful, with one color allocated for each room type.
  2. Rare rooms of high token value will be smallest in size and loudest in color

Perhaps rooms can only be stacked when similar therefore providing some of the larger “panels” of the composition.  We dont know how quite yet, but maybe we can find  some way of rewarding the player to “compose” the building [i.e. organizing like rooms next to each other or over each other].

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