CU3E Final Title Still

CU3E was basically our first real hands on experience with programming at the Gaming Academy (at least my first experience). The idea was to put together a gym that showed off our first person shooter.

I chose Deus Ex Human Revolution as my primary inspiration, with a sprinkle of Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. Basically a love letter to stealth games.

I took that design intent for stealth and wrapped it up in a pixel world.  I just wanted to embrace the prototype look of all games at this stage which basically just use the standard shapes available in the editor.  I thought of these poor shapes as having character and personality so I wanted to express that in a way that [a] does not require much effort and [b] stays true to the basic prototype look.  It also gives the impression of a pixel world.

CU3E – Prototype Video

Finally gotten around to putting up this video of CU3E’s gameplay.  Keep in mind that its a prototype level game and that its a parody/homage to stealth games.  In it you can see the following:

  • Enemy following AI patrols.
  • Enemies changing behavioural states: patrolling, engaging, confusion.
  • The above states are represented by color.
  • The player going into stealth mode by cloaking.
  • A battery bar that depletes as the player uses cloaking and recharges over time.
  • The player using x-ray vision to see enemy positions through walls
  • Basic shooting patterns by the player
  • Death animations of enemies [“derezzing”].
  • A 3 stage boss fight where he changes visual states at every stage.

CU3E – Playable Prototype

All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the link below and it will download a ZIP folder.
  2. Unzip that folder to show 2 things: a Data Folder and a CU3E.exe file.
  3. Click on the CU3E.exe file to play!

Download CU3E

Below is a guide for the game controls.  Experiment and have fun!

CU3E – Title Animation

I’m done with the Title Screen / Main Menu.   Click on the image above or this link to see it in action.  It now has the final textures.  It works by hovering the mouse over the 3 [B] making it pulse.  Clicking it would then start the animation ending with the folded box and a clickable main menu with start, controls, and exit buttons.  I’ve also gotten the start button to… well… start the game. Enjoy and please leave your comments below!

CU3E – Cloaking


These first 3 images show CU3E going into stealth mode.  CU3E is made up of a 3x3x3 cube so 27 minicubes in total.  First images show CU3E in his normal state, then cloaking, then completely cloaked.  I’ve got more on the expanded page here including shots on the x-ray vision I scripted as well as a “last known position” script just like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell.  Please feel free to comment!

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