Another casualty of the holidays.  Life was the result of our second Rapid Prototyping assignment and was also another collaboration between Ben Herron and myself.  As usual we received some strange constraints to work within: use only 4 assets, convey affect of 4 emotional states, use mouse only.

2012 12 12 screenshot_1

2012 12 12 screenshot_3

Life is what came out of this.  It simple takes the player down a path of abstract forms and major life events leaving the interpretation of the experience open.  In an ideal world we would have also included a randomizer that switch around the order of the emotional affect paths and the major life events, which would have created a different experience for each player and create infinite interpretations.  For example the wedding may in one play through be followed by the happiness module corridor, but in another it could be followed by the anxiety module.  Each would provide a different interpretation of married life and, it could be argued, also leave to interpretation whether the player is mapping his/her own life to this or that of someone they know, like a parent.

2012 12 12 screenshot_5

2012 12 12 screenshot_7

As a [ rapid ] prototype we wanted to convey the bear minimum essence of what a full experience could be and this is what we have.  The ingredients we have chosen to convey affect have been, primitive shapes, their movement, music, color, and visual metaphors.

2012 12 12 screenshot_8

2012 12 12 screenshot_10

To give the experience a try, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the link below and it will download a ZIP folder.
  2. Unzip that folder to show 2 things: a Data Folder and a Life.exe file.
  3. Click on the Life.exe file to play!


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