This is the famous character of the Marlowe play re-imagined.  Something I have fun doing is giving a sci-fi slant to tried and true stories.  I was inspired by some of the latest scientific headlines concerning the theory of a spirit molecule, DMT, located within the body.  I took the basic concept and ran.  Mephistopheles has always been the bargainer of souls and I thought in a future sci-fi world that would mean he was a DMT collector.  Made sense to me.

He would also be “summoned” to our world by a Faust who is a not so well known figure in the scientific community.  Faust has created a machine, inspired by the latest scientific story to grip the world, the Higs Boson God particles that have apparently travelled through time, albeit slightly.  Time travel is interchangeable with dimension travel, and presto… a sci-fi background for Mephistopheles.  He comes from a dimension we would deem as …hell.

Mephistopheles takes on a more fallen figure than in the usual stories, and may or may not find redemption.

I’m expanding on this world and creating some concept art in my spare time.

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