I was a huge Wing Commander fan as a kid.  Its crazy to think that its been 20 years since those games, as well as the Privateer, and Freelancer games were around. My buddy and I would split the keyboard responsibilities, essentially switching roles as pilot and copilot.  Between writing up some fan fiction and my mind exploding from the return of Chris Roberts on the game scene with Star Citizen, I’ve put together a quick prototype for a space sim fighter.

I do apologize for the title, but i think im going through a phase of naming things with numbers replacing letters.

Anyway, Z3Ro [ working title ] is a side exercise in c# programming for Unity.  Working on a few things I felt I was rusty on and used a space sim fighter as incentive. It was a cumulative of 4 to 5 days work.

I’ve basically structured out all my scripts and code to work like a “real” space fighter as possible.  So I’ve got an avionics system that manages input from all the other systems as would a modern day fighter.  Code-wise it has references to each of the other scripts [systems].  The other systems, consist of:

  • Targeting
  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Repair
  • Flight

Repair. All these systems can be damaged and therefore not work properly until repaired, with the exception of the repair system of course.  Once thats down, repairs can never be done anywhere.

Shields will recharge with time, and exist on the 5 different sections of the fighter.  Once shields are down in one section, armor takes damage.  Once armor is compromised, its game over.

Weapons system will consist of hardpoints, the number of which can vary from fighter to fighter by simply switching on/off a bool.  Each hardpoint can be occupied by, for now, 3 or 4 different guns/missiles.  The projectiles of each of these weapons will differ in damage, speed, and pattern.

Flight is basically whats shown in the video above.  Its proper physics with 1 engine for forward movement and 8 vector thrusters to control direction.  Theres more explanation in the captions of the video.

I thought that I had captured a second window as well which basically showed the same thing but from a fixed external camera behind the fighter, but apparently not.  Will hopefully capture another vid showing that soon as well as some visuals explaining the coding organization.

Have a look and please sound off below with any comment you may have.

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