CU3E | Pixel Stealth


Thought I’d post up some images of CU3E.   These basically show some of the features that I’ve been able to code into the prototype.  These first 3 images show CU3E going into stealth mode.  CU3E is made up of a 3x3x3 cube so 27 minicubes in total.  I just wanted to embrace the prototype look of all games at this stage which basically just use the standard shapes available in the editor.  I thought of these poor shapes as having character and personality so I wanted to express that in a way that [a] does not require much effort and [b] stays true to the basic prototype look.  It also gives the impression of a pixel world.


First images show CU3E in his normal state, then cloaking, then completely cloaked.  I’ve got more on the expanded page here including shots on the x-ray vision I scripted as well as a “last known position” script just like Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell.  Please feel free to comment!