Authorship Case Study | Deus Ex: Human Revolution

During our second trimester, we were asked to prepare a case study on a game that we felt had a strong auteur voice.  I chose the Deus Ex franchise on the whole, particularly the latest offering from Eidos Montreal, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  A strong  auteur feel to a game is usually the result of having an undiluted vision created by and executed by 1 maybe 2 man teams.  This is usually attributed to indie developers.  Deus Ex: human Revolution [DXHR] is in my opinion a very strong example of how in this day and age of game development, where authorial vision and feel is usually lost in the democratic process of large studios, that the team at Eidos Montreal found a process and methodology that resulted in a homogeneous gestalt work with its own distinct experience in all aspects: gameplay, visual style, sound, and narrative.

I’m putting up 3 different ways you can go through the case study:  the presentation itself, the written version, as well as the slides.

  1. The DXHR Authorship Case Study Slides Page provide the best view of the visual material and will have some links to videos interspersed between them.
  2. The DXHR Authorship Case Study Doc Page will provide an overall argument for DXHR as an auteur game.  There are a few sections which I have had to cut short and basically just appear as note mentions in order to cut the presentation time down.  It will have a combination of some slides, although they will be small, and images straight from the slides.  Videos will be hyper-linked.  It has unfortunately lost all its formatting when copied into wordpress.
  3. The DXHR Authorship Case Study Video Page of the actual presentation will have an ad lib of what’s in the written document and the slides in the background are not going to be as clear as the slides themselves.

So feel free to choose whichever way you prefer to go through them, or follow my recommendation and do a combination of them all!

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