The Metrics of Space: Molecule Design

Featured on Gamasutra!

A feature that I had a hand in was put up on Gamasutra titled The Metrics of Space: Molecule Design.  I had the honor of  being asked by Dr. Luke McMillan to contribute to it and I of course rushed to the opportunity.

The feature deals with an aspect of level design that seems to be seldom addressed, the metrics of space, and its approach through graphing theory.  My work has been used to illustrate concepts within the feature by showing their application on one of my level designs.  I was also asked to describe the application of such design principles and its impact on the design process.  I wont go into further detail and instead let you read the feature for yourselves.  I hope you find it interesting.

DM-Concept-Board-03                      new map 2

If anyone is a game designer or even an architect, as I am as well, you’ll find that design principles or methods translate well over different media.  When lectured about the principles put forth by Raph Koster and by extension Karp, I was fascinated by how well they would apply and how familiar they were to architecture itself.  Design in gaming of course takes on an added dimension over space, that of time, and in retrospect could serve to teach architectural design a few lessons as well.  The experience of space through time is of course factored into many schools of architecture, but its something that most tend to neglect.  Its a pity because these are aspects touched upon from as early as Le Corbusier and his advocacy of the “mis en scene” in architecture experience.  I’ve gone off on a little tangent there despite promising not to, so I’ll definitely stop there  Would love to get people’s thought on the content whether it be on the Gamasutra page itself, and/or here.

Click on the link below to read the feature!

The Metrics of Space: Molecule Design

by Luke McMillan and Nassib Azar

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